New Tree Planting Initiative

May 23, 2024

Dear Residents,

We are pleased to announce an exciting new initiative aimed at enhancing the beauty and environmental health of our community. In our ongoing efforts to create a greener and more sustainable environment, the Village has received a grant from the Michigan DNR to plant new street trees. Village DPW will be planting a variety of new trees in key locations.

**About the New Tree Planting Initiative:**

Species Selection:  We have carefully selected a diverse mix of native and hardy tree species that are well-suited to our local climate and soil conditions.

Planting Locations: The new trees have been strategically planted where they will provide the most benefit. Areas include the downtown and along gateway areas to the Village.

Upcoming Round of Tree Planting: In the next phase of our initiative, we will be planting additional trees in the Right of Way areas. These trees will be placed in key locations to maximize their visual and environmental impact.

Environmental Impact: Trees play a crucial role in improving air quality, providing shade, reducing noise pollution, and supporting local wildlife.

Aesthetic Enhancement: The addition of new trees will enhance the natural beauty of our village, making it a more pleasant place to live and visit.

**How You Can Help:**

Village DPW will work to ensure the trees are healthy, but your help in this is welcome. Here are a few ways you can help contribute to ensuring a successful planting:

Watering: If you notice a newly planted tree near your home, please consider giving it some extra water, especially during dry spells.

Protecting: Help protect young trees from damage by avoiding the use of lawn equipment close to their bases and keeping pets from digging around them.

Reporting Issues: If you observe any issues with the new trees, such as signs of disease or damage, please report them to the Village Office at (248) 627-4976.

We believe that this tree planting initiative is a step forward in making our village a greener, healthier, and more beautiful place for all residents. Thank you for your support and cooperation in nurturing our new trees and helping them thrive.

For more information about this project or to get involved, please visit our website at or contact the Village Office directly.


Ryan Madis

Village Manager

[email protected]

(248) 627-4976 (office)

(248) 535-1621 (cell)