Planning Commission Open Seat

Planning Commission Job Description
The planning commission is appointed to advise the governing body regarding community planning and land use management. The planning commission is responsible for developing and recommending the community master plan and implementing policies, procedures and ordinances to the governing body for adoption. The commission is responsible for involving the public in planning and decision-making and must comply with applicable rules related to open meetings, ethical conduct, etc. The commission may be asked to review and/or decide the following matters: conditional use permits, rezoning, subdivision/land division plat approval, driveway permits, etc.
The planning commission is responsible for reading and reviewing plan-related documents and background materials prior to meetings and hearings. Members are expected to listen to and consider staff presentations and public comments when making decisions. Commission members are expected to attend periodic training sessions to keep abreast of current trends and information and to better understand and fulfill its role. Special positions such as chair and secretary will be elected at the first meeting of each fiscal year
The planning commission meets once a month for approximately two hours, depending upon the number and complexity of tasks on its agenda. Anticipate one hour of preparation time for each hour of meeting time. Planning commission terms last three years.
The following skills and traits are desired of plan commission members:
• Ability to work as a team and make decisions based on the best interests of the community
• Ability to read maps and plans
• Knowledge and understanding of Village Policies
• Familiarity and involvement with the community
• Commitment to community service
• Ethics
• An understanding of the planning process, land use issues or law, construction and development practices, natural resources, or economic development
The Planning Commission receives direction from, and is responsible to, the village council. The Planning Commission Chair is responsible for leading meetings and directs the Planning Commission. Ultimately the Planning Commission is responsible to the Village Council through the Village Manager
The planning commission conducts 95 percent of work indoors in an intellectual capacity, but occasionally visits outdoor sites for information gathering or inspection.
This is an appointed position with a $30 compensation per meeting. Funding for authorized training sessions is also available.
Adapted from Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Plan Commissioners. Douglas Miskowiak and Chin-Chun Tang. 2004. Center for Land Use Education. With credit to Waupaca County, Wisconsin and Lafayette County, Colorado.