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Office Closing

Village Office Closing amid COVD-19 Concerns

ORV Groveland


Pedestrian Crossing

New Pedestrian Crossing Signal Installed

Keeping our Children and Residents Safer

On Wednesday, November 7th, the Village DPW installed a Pedestrian Warning Device at the South Street pedestrian crossing.  When activated by the pedestrian, the signals will flash a warning to drivers of pedestrians in the crosswalk.  As a reminder, drivers must come to a complete stop when signals are flashing or pedestrians are in the crosswalk. Please contact the Village Municipal Office with any questions.


Master Plan 2018

The Village of Ortonville, Planning Commission has been hard at work updating the Village Master Plan.  Please check here from time to time for updates.  A time line for the process will posted soon.  Attached below are results for the survey that many residents responded to. Questions regarding the Master Plan Survey and results should be directed to Planning Commission Chairman, Lee Palshan at .  Copies of the survey results and additional information if requested are available at the Village Office located at 476 Mill Street.

Village Resident Results

This document includes responses by Village Residents ONLY > Resident ONLY

This documents includes resident AND non-resident ressponses > ALL Responses

Applied EcoSystems Map and Data


Persuant to the Village Council meeting of February 27, 2017, a map and data are attached regarding Engineering Tube Specialties and the groundwater and soil samples that have been monitored by the Department of Environmental Quality.

The map and data were supplied by Applied EcoSystems, Inc. of Burton, MI