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We're currently in the community input phase for a new Master Plan. Check out the proposed Master Plan below. Your comments and/or questions may be sent via mail to the Village of Ortonville Planning Commission, P.O. Box 928, Ortonville, MI 48462, 476 Mill Street, via email to Ryan Madis at [email protected]  or in person at one of our meetings.


Village of Ortonville Master Plan

A master plan presents the vision of a community over the next 20 years, but also includes a number of specific, short term implementation activites intended to realize the overall vision of the plan. The Ortonville Master Plan sets forth the vision that Village leaders and residents have for the future of Ortonville, and serves as a guide to acheiving that vision. 


Click the image above to view the Village of Ortonville Master Plan.  

Brandon-Ortonville 5-Year Parks & Recreation Master Plan

View the Brandon-Ortonville Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Brandon Township and the Village of Ortonville joined hands to prepare a joint Parks and Recreation Master Plan and identify the parks and recreation needs of the community. This update builds on the ideas set forth in previous plans, makes recommendations for meeting the community's future recreation needs, and presents an implementation strategy for parks and recreation improvement.

The Brandon-Ortonville Parks and Recreation Master Plan articulates a vision for parks, pathways, and recreation in Brandon Township and the Village of Ortonville. The purpose of this Plan is to guide recreation planning and development efforts of the Village of Ortonville and Brandon Township over the next five-year period. Once adopted, this Plan is the official document to be used by the Village and the Township to guide decisions regarding parks and recreation. The Plan is intended to meet state standards for community recreation planning that are necessary to gain eligibility for grant programs.

Ortonville Masterplan