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Ortonville Wildlife Preservation Park

The attached is a boundary survey of the 47.32 acres know as Ortonville Wildlife Preservation Park (f/k/a Village Park)  

OWPP Survey

Brandon Township Water Quality Map

The attached map highlights areas in Brandon Township where Arsenic, Nitrate and Chloride have been found in the groundwater.  While the map and information are dated 1999, the information is still relevant.


Oakland County Home Improvement Program

Low and moderate income homeowners may qualify for an interest-free deferred payment loan to make needed home repairs, improve accessibility and increase energy efficiency.

Disaster Planning - tips from Oakland County

2018-2019 Audited Financial Statements

View the 2018-2019 Financial Statements for the Village of Ortonville.

Approved 2019/2020 Budget

View the 2019-2020 Budget adopted June 10, 2019, by the Ortonville Village Council

Bridge Inspection Reports

2017 Inspection Reports for 

South Street      Mill Street      Ball Street 

Creek Water Testing Results

Village of Ortonville Creek Water Quality Testing Results (updated as new tests are performed & results received):

2019-2020 Results *updated 07/02/2020

2018-2019 Results   *updated 11/21/2019

August 9, 2017 to October 2, 2018

2010 - November 17, 2015

Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan

Click here to read the Village's Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan.


Brandon Township Contacts

Supervisor Kathy Thurman 248-627-4918
Building Bill Dinnan 248-627-4916
Treasurer Terri Darnall 248-627-4918
Clerk Candee Allen 248-627-2851
Recreation Fred Waybrant 248-627-4640
Fax   248-627- 6208


Ortonville Historical Society

Scott Broughton - President

Youth Assistance – 209 Varsity Drive


Brandon Township Library - 304 South Street

General Office - 248-627-1460

US Post Office - 55 Pond Street


Brandon Fire Department - 53 South Street


Oakland County Sheriff's Department - Brandon Twp Substation

Substation 248-627-4911
Fax 248-627-4928
Dispatch Non-Emergency 248-858-4950
Dispatch Emergency 911

Brandon Schools

General Offices 248-627-1800
High School 248-627-1820
Middle School 248-627-1830
Harvey-Swanson Elementary 248-627-1850
Oakwood Elementary 248-627-1880